The Avail Group President travels to South America on one last assignment to complete his Masters Degree

In March 2015, Eli M. Rozier, Jr. went to Santiago Chile and Rio de Janeiro Brazil with his Auburn MRED 15 class to tour the countries and study the urban growth patterns of the cities. Santiago is a vibrant metropolis with many people living, working, and playing in the urban core. Eli and Professor Dr. Michael Robinson enjoyed shopping in the city. The class also had an opportunity to visit the countryside. Eli also experienced horseback riding adventure in the Andes Mountains. After spending 5 days in Chile, it was time to travel to Rio where the class had an opportunity to tour the Olympic Village and Christ the Redeemer. The Summer Olympics are scheduled for August 2016 and the class was invited by Carvalho & Hosken Architectural Firm to tour the construction site and studying the economic impact of the region. The village consist of 3,600 housing units, 15 dining halls and recreation facilities that will accommodate athletes from all over the world. This replica took a year to construct with a cost of over a million dollars. Classmate Jason Hebert joined Eli at Christ the Redeemer. This structure was erected in 1936 and is listed as one of the eighth wonders of the world.[clear]


Eli with Professor Dr. Michael Robinson

Eli Horseback riding

Eli preparing to ride a horse in the Andes Mountains

Eli in front of Model

Eli standing in front of the model of the Olympic Village

20150328_104411 (1)

Eli and fellow classmate Jason Hebert at Christ the Redeemer