Annual ULI Florida Summit Meeting

Eli Rozier Jr. attended the annual ULI Florida Summit Meeting in Ponde Vedra Beach June 4-5 2015. The Urban Land Institute is an organization that promotes urban development while encouraging the practice of facility reuse and land stewardship. The format of the meeting was a combination of group lecture sessions and small group round table workshops. During one of the large group lecture sessions, Eli had an opportunity to hear a group of panelists discuss the development opportunities in Cuba. Above Eli is pictured with Julio Cesar Perez-Hernandez, President of Cesar Studio/Architects and Planner. Julio is very active in the liberation movement in Cuba and shared his thoughts on how developers can position themselves to invest in this country. Eli also had an opportunity to hear Peter Rummell discuss his latest development project in Jacksonville-Healthy Town. This concept consists of mixed-use layouts that promote healthy living lifestyles while making everyone feel welcome regardless of their physical condition. Peter developed an instant-city concept in the late 90’s in Celebration, Florida.  Eli is pictured here with Peter Rummell.