Do YOU Live by The Principles of People work?

I attended a marketing workshop several weeks ago sponsored by Wells Fargo that featured Chris Smith from Curaytor who created a business concept called The Principles of business. Prior to this structure, many people were accustomed to operating in a business to business or business to consumer model. The following list are strategies and concepts that need to be implemented in order to maximize the results.

Chris Smith development a business model called The Principles of People work.

  1. People to people instead of business to business or business to consumer. The premise behind this theory is even though we depend on technology to enhance our lives people still want to do business with people and have that interactive experience.
  2. Human Companies Win! Ones that only focus on the bottom line do not succeed long-term.  Ex. Tom Shoes.
  3. Change requires a blueprint. You must outline what needs changing and how you are going to make it happen.
  4. Purpose before technology. Technology enhances the speed of how we move data but does not replace the human element. Most companies come up with a purpose statement before they write a mission statement.
  5. Quality great’s quantity. LTV=Lifetime Value vs. Transactional Value.  1 client in real estate is worth $120,000/yr. in LTV.
  6. Service is marketing. You want to be branded as a customer service company that sells houses.
  7. Businesses are built in communities. Create a local brand first ex. Fleming Island, St. Augustine before you expand into other regions.  Facebook Groups are a good way to create a strong brand in our local community.
  8. Passion powers profit. Must be focused and passionate at whatever you do.
  9. Stars are made in Hollywood. Make sure your power team is the best. Ex. mortgage broker, real estate agent, etc.
  10. Only write your story not anyone else’s.

Eli and Chris