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On Tuesday, May 15, 2018, Eli Rozier with The Avail Group attended Watson Realty of St. Augustine’s weekly business meeting.

Michele Scarponi (Business Manager at Watson Realty) encouraged the Watson Team to activity promote and work Moultrie Woods since the development was located within 4 miles of their office. Eli Rozier and Donna Sadowski (Site Agent for the neighborhood) presented to the group the advantages of living a maintenance free lifestyle by having a single family house with a community pool and lawn care service provided within your HOA dues.

After the meeting, several of the Watson agents previewed the model home and the neighborhood and felt the houses were a good value for the money.

On Tuesday May 8, 2018, Eli M. Rozier, Jr. with The Avail Group along with Janna Thomas with Bank of England sponsored a breakfast at Exit Real Estate Gallery’s monthly sales meeting.

Eli presented Moultrie Woods to the group of realtors and discussed the features & benefits of the community. Ray Rivera and Sonny Downey (Brokers at Exit Real Estate Gallery) did a fantastic job of promoting the neighborhood while encouraging Exit agents to bring buyers to Moultrie Woods.

Since our targeted market is workforce housing and empty nesters, Ray offered statistical information that demonstrated a demand for this product. Eli concluded the presentation with a $1,000 realtor bonus for all Exit Real Estate Gallery agents who bring buyers in the next 60 days.


Last week, The Avail Group participated in a business to business meeting in St. Augustine.

The breakfast was sponsored by Janna Thomas of Bank of England, one of The Avail Group’s lending partners at Moultrie Woods. The audience was comprised of many Exit Real Estate Gallery’s sales agents who work out of the CR 210 office. Eli M. Rozier, Jr. discussed the advantages of purchasing a new home; in particular one of The Avail Group’s cottage home products.

He also discussed the challenges of getting a certificate of occupancy for land development and gave the group some insight on how to negotiate a build to suit constructed home.

After the meeting, several of the agents toured the model home at Moultrie Woods and were excited to learn all of the buying advantages of the neighborhood like USDA financing and the proximity to Treaty Party.

On Tuesday March 20, 2018, The Avail Group hosted the St. Johns Builders Council Monthly Social.

The event was attended by over 35 members of the council who enjoyed an evening of food and beverages. Dennis Ginder conducted the business portion of the meeting by introducing Eli M. Rozier, Jr. as President of The Avail Group who sponsored the event.

Eli gave thanks to the many of the supporters of Moultrie Woods while giving special recognition to Zach Scott (Fidelity Bank) and Dennis Ginder (Encore Homes of Northeast Florida) for their willingness to help with the project. He also acknowledged the sales team of Donna Sadowski and Jodi Casella. Moultrie Woods consists of 17 lots with 3 move in ready homes available for sale.

The model is located at 27 Moultrie Creek Circle in St. Augustine, Florida.

On March 13, 2018, The Avail Group hosted a Realtor Luncheon at Moultrie Woods for all Jacksonville Area Realtors. The theme of the
event was Luck of the Irish at Moultrie Woods.


As realtors entered the model home, they were greeted with a Leprechaun pin that they can redeem for a $1,000 commission bonus for
bringing a buyer to the neighborhood.  Over 40 realtors and guests attended the event and were treated to a catered lunch from Cafe’ 11
in St, Augustine. Eli Rozier, Jr. was tasked with picking the winners of the Irish whiskey and Yeti Cooler.


The neighborhood consists of 17 lots with 3 move in ready homes available for sale. The model is located at 27 Moultrie Creek Circle in St. Augustine, Florida.

The city of St. Augustine is one of the most popular retirement settlements in the United States.

Located on the Northeast coast of Jacksonville, this city has a mild climate, perfect for those wanting to live in paradise all year long


1. Why Retire in St. Augustine?


Because St. Augustine has a high population of seniors, the city offers a wide variety of activities that all can enjoy!

  • Looking to stay fit? St. Johns County Parks and Recreation offers a variety of adult classes and programs, including adult leagues in a variety of sports! Check out their website at: to learn more!
  • Interested in the arts? St. Augustine is a hub for local art! The city offers a variety of local film and art festivals. Flagler Auditorium features word famous ballets and orchestras. Quality live stage productions are a feature of this historic city.
  • Is the beach drawing you to the area? St. Augustine has numerous beaches that its residents can enjoy. Many beaches are within driving distance from St. Augustine. These include: St. Augustine Beach, Ponte Vedra Beach and Vilano Beach.

Want to learn more about St. Augustine?

Click on the link for more information:

There are about 230,000 people who call St. Johns County, Florida home.  

Why? Whether you are new to the area, or have lived here decades, St. Johns County offers amenities for all.

To determine if this area is right for you, consider these perks:

  • Within only a few minutes of leaving your house, you will be on Interstate 95 and on the way to the gorgeous city of Jacksonville. The city offers sporting events, including the Jacksonville Jaguars, as well as live entertainment and specialty restaurants.
  • Not a sports fan? Head to the city of St. Augustine for historic views, shopping and the best dining in Northeast Florida. From casual eateries to fine dining, St. Augustine has a dining option for everyone! Our suggestions? Visit the The Conch House, A1A Ale Works
    or Gas Full Service Restaurant!
  • Do you have children? You are in luck because St. Johns County Public Schools are first in the state out of 67 districts. St. Johns County is one of only two districts in Florida with A grade each year since 2010.

  • Is golfing your passion? The St Johns County area has a vast variety of golf courses for players of every level and skill. This includes The World Golf Village, home to the famous King & Bear and Slammer & Squire golf courses, where golfers test their skills amongst the greats.

Want to learn more about what St. Johns County has to offer?

Visit their website:


Buying a home has always been considered to be part of the American dream, nevertheless, in the wake of the recent housing crash, the new generation of home buyers is treading a lot more carefully than before.

Even though renting might seem more flexible than purchasing a home, buying one has a bigger potential long-term payoff. It also has tax advantages as well quality of life benefits. Therefore, it is important that when it comes to purchasing a home you look beyond the numbers.

1. You Build From Roots Upward When You Buy A House

It might be better to rent a place when you know you will not stay in the home for long or when plans are uncertain. However, this type of flexibility also comes with a price. It is very difficult to feel established in any neighborhood when you are not a homeowner. When a person buys a home, they build upwards— starting from the roots. They create a community.

2. Purchasing a Home Comes With Tax Advantages

You get significant tax benefits when you purchase a home rather than renting it. This advantage should be enough of a reason to invest into purchasing a home for yourself. Homeowners can deduct the mortgage interest incurred on the federal income taxes. This is a substantial deduction for numerous people as the interest payments are normally the biggest portion of the early years of owning the home. Homeowners can also deduct the closing fees along with the property taxes.

3. Owning a home is a built-in savings account

There is definitely no place like home. When you purchase a house, you actually automatically get enrolled in a forced savings plan. Even when your budget is pretty tight, you will somehow find the money to pay your monthly mortgage amount. As you pay this mortgage amount each month you subsequently increase your equity. Equity is the amount of money in which you can sell the home for a lesser amount than what you still owe on it. Over your lifetime, home ownership will help you build your wealth.

4. Purchasing a house will cost less than renting one over time

When you look at the bigger picture, purchasing a home is one of the cheaper alternatives of the two. Although your mortgage payment might initially be more than you would actually pay in rent, you are going to spend less money over the life of the loan when you buy a house. The rents may rise over the years, thus changing the entire equation.

Both buying and renting a home has their own advantages and disadvantages. However, if you look at the benefit in the long-term, purchasing a home will be more favorable.

Old and forgotten homes around Orangeburg are being given new life.

In 2013, Eli Rozier purchased three properties from Bank of America for $12,500 on Bayne Street with the goal of revitalizing them. They’re located across from Mirmow Field.

Rozier is president of the Avail Group, a real estate investment company specializing in developing commercial and residential properties.

“Our motto is making good neighborhoods great,” Rozier said.

Before being refurbished, the properties were shut off from the public. They had broken front porch steps and boarded-up windows.

Mayor Michael Butler described the homes as, “dilapidated and just sitting there.”

“They gutted it out and put new windows (and) new doors,” Butler said.

The $205,000 project gave the buildings fresh paint jobs, shutters on the windows, banister railings along the front steps and a small garden running along the front of the homes.

The project did not cost the city.

Rozier and the Avail Group started work in the fall of 2014 and completed the construction in the first quarter of 2016. The group is renting the homes, not selling them.

“I’m not a flipper, I’m a long-term investor,” he said.

This is Rozier’s fourth project in Orangeburg.

“I’ve always felt it was somewhat of a hidden gem,” he said.

The Avail Group has brought apartments along King’s Road, on Duncan Street and a student housing complex on Colleton Street.

The group is looking to do future homes and provide more student housing opportunities.

Butler said they have discussed possible work on Maxie Street, Dixon Street and Sprinkle Street.

“It makes me feel that we’re moving forward,” Butler said.

Councilmember and Mayor Pro Tem Liz Zimmerman Keitt lives in the Bayne Street neighborhood and said the renovations lifted her spirits.

“This just advocates to us that it can be done,” Keitt said.

She hopes to see more projects of this type. She said the work can make Orangeburg look even better.

Keitt said she believes renovations like this will “make people do better” and inspire them keep their property clean as well.

Mayor Michael Butler of Orangeburg, South Carolina and Eli Rozier christened the 570 block of Bayne Street. Once a working section of town with factories within walking distance of the neighborhood,it became a blotted section that fell victim to the downturn in the real estate market during the great recession years (2008-2012). The Avail Group bought the property from Bank of America in 2013. Through a collaborative agreement with the city, The Avail Group laid out a 24 month revitalization plan that concluded this summer. Mayor Michael Butler was amazed at the results and was quoted as saying

” The commitment that The Avail Group has made toward this project has enhanced the beautification initiative this administration has for Orangeburg, South Carolina.”