Why St. Augustine- The Best Place to Retire

The city of St. Augustine is one of the most popular retirement settlements in the United States. Located on the Northeast coast of Jacksonville, this city has a mild climate, perfect for those wanting to live in paradise all year long   1. Why Retire in St. Augustine?   Because St. Augustine has a high population […]

St. Johns County Florida-A Fantastic Place to Live

There are about 230,000 people who call St. Johns County, Florida home.   Why? Whether you are new to the area, or have lived here decades, St. Johns County offers amenities for all. To determine if this area is right for you, consider these perks: Within only a few minutes of leaving your house, you […]

Home Ownership vs Rental, Not out of Reach

Buying a home has always been considered to be part of the American dream, nevertheless, in the wake of the recent housing crash, the new generation of home buyers is treading a lot more carefully than before. Even though renting might seem more flexible than purchasing a home, buying one has a bigger potential long-term […]

Mayor praises effort to fix homes

Old and forgotten homes around Orangeburg are being given new life. In 2013, Eli Rozier purchased three properties from Bank of America for $12,500 on Bayne Street with the goal of revitalizing them. They’re located across from Mirmow Field. Rozier is president of the Avail Group, a real estate investment company specializing in developing commercial […]

Mayor Michael Butler

Mayor Michael Butler of Orangeburg, South Carolina and Eli Rozier christened the 570 block of Bayne Street. Once a working section of town with factories within walking distance of the neighborhood,it became a blotted section that fell victim to the downturn in the real estate market during the great recession years (2008-2012). The Avail Group […]

Annual ULI Florida Summit Meeting

Eli Rozier Jr. attended the annual ULI Florida Summit Meeting in Ponde Vedra Beach June 4-5 2015. The Urban Land Institute is an organization that promotes urban development while encouraging the practice of facility reuse and land stewardship. The format of the meeting was a combination of group lecture sessions and small group round table […]

Our Owner Earns His Masters In Real Estate Development

On May 9, 2015, Eli M. Rozier Jr. (See Eli Pictured) graduated from Auburn University with a Masters in Real Estate Development. The program focused on commercial development with an emphasis on sustainability and LEED construction principles. Throughout the courses, the students were encouraged to evaluate how their particular assigned projects would impact the community […]